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(July 26, 2009)
Due to a miserable rainy day, Debbie and I decided that today was the day that We would revisit Denby visitor centre to select and purchase a piece of Dartington crystal.
   On arrival We decided to look around The pottery shops, the garden shop and gift shop then sample the delights of Bourne's restuarant before our visit to the Dartington crystal shop. A sign at The restaurant tempted us to tea, scone, jam and cream, The temptation was too much as Cornwall, known for cream teas is one of our favourite locations. Yes they were YUMMY and I must give Bourne's credit, not only were the scones cram packed with fruit, We received  generous portions of cream and jam.
    Waddling from the restaurant we enterered the Dartington crystal shop to find that Pam was not there, however, two very freindly and helful ladies were on hand to help with the selection and purchase of the crystal piece which had previously spoke to me on our first visit crying out for a British wildlife theme to be engraved on it.
    I have to say that if you find yourself in the derby area, A visit to Denby pottery is a must, our visit to The centre was very enjoyable, both Debbie and myself agreed that the welcome and service We received from all the shops and the restuarant was outstanding, something that we all should expect from  visitor attractions
    This is a picture of the Dartington crystal vase before any work. you can follow its progress on the "on the engraving table page.
Dartington crystal vase blank

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