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(July 24, 2009)
Today, a chance visit to Denby visitor centre which is situated at Denby pottery, Derby road, Denby, Derbyshire (DE5 8NX for satnavers). Debbie and I were suprised and delighted to come across a Dartington crystal shop. Well! for those who know me, know my eyes lit up as I ventured inside finding an alladins cave full of magical crystal.
   Many years ago I visited Dartington crystal at Torrington in Devon where I became bewitched by The beauty and The fabulous range that Dartington crystal had to offer, so finding this outlet only a few miles away from home is a real treat.
   Before leaving We engaged in conversation with a very helpful and pleasant lady by the name of Pam who was attending The shop, Whilst explaining my interest with crystal Pam invited me to engrave a piece of crystal for display in The shop.
   As you can imagine I am thrilled at The prospect of doing this so now I need to think about what to engrave, then purchase a piece of crystal......... 

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